October 2023 Wk1 Scrapbook Page Layout

Posted by Linda Gransby on

October 2023 Wk1 Scrapbook Page Layout

Guest scrapbooker Sarah has made a beautiful page of her boat cruise in Bangkok.  She’s cleverly used the ticket from the trip to add basic journalling detail to her page, without writing the information out by hand, saving her time and giving extra connection to the event for her reader.

Using entrance tickets, airline boarding passes, and other travel memorabilia as an alternative to traditional journalling can add a unique and personal touch to your scrapbook. Lets look at a few ideas.


Entrance tickets - Entrance tickets to museums, theme parks, and other attractions are perfect for preserving the memories of places you've visited. They can document the date, place, and extra information such as how much you paid.

You could stick the ticket directly on to your page or enclose it in a clear wallet.   If your ticket is double sided, you might like to create a pocket, so that you can easily remove and read the ticket whenever you want.


Boarding passes and travel itineraries - Airline boarding passes and travel itineraries are excellent additions to your travel scrapbook.

Add them to the introductory page of your trip, to set the scene.  They’ll have interesting information on them about the flight, and your planned destination that will save you having to write it all out!


Maps and Brochures - Maps and brochures from your travels can be visually captivating and informative additions to your scrapbook.  An added bonus is that brochures can explain all about somewhere in a concise and formatted way without you having to stress about writing it out!

Cut out sections of maps that highlight the areas you visited. Arrange them creatively on your pages to resemble a map of your journey.  If they are big, you may want to make them interactive elements by folding them and adding to a pocket, or envelope on the page. 

Use brochures from tourist spots to add colourful and informative elements to your layouts.

You can still write descriptions or anecdotes about your experiences on these pages, connecting them to the maps and brochures.


Souvenirs - Souvenirs like postcards, coins and small mementos such as menus can add depth to your scrapbook:

Attach postcards to your pages, leaving them partially unfolded, to showcase the beautiful images and messages.

Create pockets to hold small souvenirs like coins. Only use flatter items for this to avoid damaging your pages. Remember to label and date them for future reference.