July 2023 Scrapbook page layout wk4

Posted by Linda Gransby on

July 2023 Scrapbook page layout wk4

You’ll notice on Sandi’s layout this week using the July 2023 scrapbox kit, she’s included handmade flowers made from her background papers, and arrows highlighting her pictures.  If you are lacking in embellishments that match your papers, don’t head for the shops!  Create your own using what you have already.

Creating your own embellishments using stencils and templates is a wonderful way to add a personal touch and unique flair to your scrapbooking projects. With a few simple tools and materials, you can unleash your creativity and design custom embellishments that perfectly complement your memories.


Here’s how you can have a go at this technique:

Choose a stencil or template that matches the shape or design you want to create. Popular options include flowers, leaves, stars, hearts, and geometric patterns.

Place the stencil/template on your chosen cardstock or patterned paper and hold it securely in place. Use a pencil to lightly trace around the edges of the stencil/template. If you're using a template, trace the inner and outer lines to create the desired shape.

With a craft knife or scissors, carefully cut along the traced lines to create your embellishment shape. Take your time to achieve clean and precise cuts. Be cautious when using a craft knife and remember to protect your working surface.

Once your embellishment is cut out, you can enhance it further by adding details and colours. Use chalk inks, coloured pencils, or ink pads to shade, highlight, or create patterns on your embellishment.

To add extra dimension and visual interest, consider incorporating other embellishments such as buttons, ribbons, sequins, or small trinkets. Experiment with different combinations and placements until you achieve a pleasing arrangement.

Don't limit yourself to just one embellishment. Create multiple variations of different shapes and sizes using various stencils and templates. Odd numbers of items seems to work best for our eyes to enjoy. 

Remember, the beauty of creating your own embellishments lies in the freedom to express your creativity. Don't be afraid to experiment, try new techniques, and let your imagination soar.