Mystery Kit Clubs FAQs

What does “subscribe” mean?

My kit is a “no commitment kit”.  This means that I do not ask you to subscribe for a minimum number of months but in return I do ask you to give us 30 days notice if you wish to cancel.

When you subscribe, you agree to pay for, and receive, a kit on a regular basis..   If you want to cancel, email me!

When will my subscription start?

I aim for your subscription to start as soon as possible.  Once your request is received, I’ll email you to arrange your first payment.

When will I get my parcel of goodies?

Kits are posted to subscribers mid-month after payment has been received. 

What will I get?

Its like Christmas every time a box arrives!!  The contents will be a surprise, and colours will vary in each kit, but will include a good selection of goodies never listed on my shop before, and will be non specific themes (ie not girl, boy, cat etc)

How do I pay?

I'll contact you to set up a direct debit, which will be run shortly after the 1st of the month in January, March, May, July, Sept and November.

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