November 2023 Meet our guest scrapbooker Melinda

Posted by Linda Gransby on

Melinda, November guest scrapbooker

I’m Melinda, originally from the suburbs of Dallas, Texas but moved to England in 1997.  I’m married to David, and I have four children and four grandchildren (with number five on its way). 

I live in Birmingham and am a Senior Associate at a law firm.

I originally started scrapbooking about 20 years ago but mainly made scrapbooks for my family (and one for F1 driver Mark Webber on behalf of his supporters club) before life got in the way. 

I started again in 2018 and now have my own dedicated craft room so I can scrapbook to my heart’s content without it overtaking the living room.  It’s now a way for my to show off my passion for photography as well as record family memories.