May 2024 Wk1 Scrapbook Page Layout

Posted by Linda Gransby on

10 Ways with Washi Tape

This versatile crafting essential isn't just for sealing envelopes or decorating gifts; it's a fantastic tool for adding flair to your scrapbooking projects.

Have a look closely at Guest scrapbooker Michelle’s page layout, and you’ll notice her embellishment hearts are covered in washi tape from the Lavender Memories Scrapbox kit!  Here’s a few ideas for you to try with this much underrated material.


1. Borders and Frames

One of the simplest and most effective ways to use Washi tape in your scrapbook is to create borders or frames around your photos and journaling blocks. Choose tapes that complement your theme or colour scheme and layer them around the edges.


2. Embellishments

Use Washi tape to craft unique embellishments for your pages. Cut out shapes like hearts, stars, or flowers from the tape, or use decorative punches to create intricate designs. (This is what Michelle has done on her pages) These handmade embellishments add dimension and interest to your layouts.


3. Backgrounds

Transform plain cardstock or patterned paper into custom backgrounds with Washi tape. Experiment with different tape arrangements, such as stripes, chevrons, or grids, to create custom backdrops for your photos and embellishments.


4. Photo Corners

Add a touch of elegance to your photos by framing them with Washi tape photo corners. Simply fold a piece of tape diagonally to create a triangle shape, then adhere it to the corners of your photos for a stylish finishing touch.


5. Text Effects

Use Washi tape to create eye-catching titles and captions for your scrapbook pages. Write or stamp your desired text onto the tape, then cut it out and adhere it to your layout. You can also layer different tapes to add dimension to your words.


6. Layering

Experiment with layering Washi tape to add depth and interest to your designs. Overlap tapes of varying widths and patterns or use transparent tapes to create subtle overlays.


7. Divider Strips

Divide sections of your layout or create visual boundaries with Washi tape dividers. The strips can be used to separate different elements on your page or to add structure to your design.


8. Photo Mats

Enhance your photos with Washi tape photo mats. Cut strips of tape to size and adhere them around the edges of your photos to create colourful borders that make your pictures pop.


9. Tabs and Flags

Make important elements stand out by adding Washi tape tabs or flags to your pages. Fold a piece of tape over the edge of a photo or journaling block to create a tab or cut out flag shapes and attach them to highlight key details.


10. Interactive Elements

Create interactive elements in your scrapbook using Washi tape. Make flaps by adhering tape to the edge of a cardstock flap or create mini envelopes and decorate with tape.


Whether you're a seasoned crafter or just starting out, the possibilities are endless when it comes to incorporating Washi tape into your designs.  Have another look at this somewhat forgotten craft bag staple.