March 2022 wk1 page layout example

Posted by Linda Gransby on

March 2022 wk1 page layout example
First of all, can I just say I have 'concert envy'.....  Having watching Andre Rieu on TV at Christmas, his events are such fun, and not at all as I had expected a classical concert to be!
Anyway.... Jenny has done a great job of capturing the evening with a mix of images, ephemera and journalling.....  Photo choice is really important to tell the story of the whole event, and its a definite advantage if you always think about the pages you will create while you are taking the photos.... that way you will save a lot of time when it comes to choosing the photos to use, as you will have exactly what you need.
Don't be afraid to include pictures of yourself..... in fact I'd say ot was essential!  You don't want to be the invisible scrapbooker!  Your children, family or friends will want to see that you were there!
Another nice technique, if you can't get a decent shot of a place o your camera, check out the souvenier shop for postcards, its not cheating to include them in your albums!