December 2023 Wk1 Scrapbook Page Layout

Posted by Linda Gransby on

December 2023 Wk1 Scrapbook page layout
Using photos of signs, information boards and maps etc as journalling


Our guest scrapbooker Mary has used signs from the stations she visited to make the titles for her pages.  It’s a great way to make your pages a bit different.  If you’ve ever tried to make sense of photos a year or two after you visited a place, they can also act as an aid to remembering place names when you’re preparing your photos ready for scrapbooking.

Here’s some ideas for using of photographs featuring signposts, entrance signs, and information boards from various places of interest or attractions. These seemingly mundane images can add depth, and context to your scrapbook pages.


Signposts and entrance boards.

Begin your scrapbook layout by featuring photographs of signposts from the locations you've visited. Whether it's a rustic wooden sign welcoming visitors to a village or a sleek urban sign marking the entrance to a bustling city, these images can serve as a visual introduction to the theme of your layout. Use them as a title or journaling to set the scene for the memories captured on the page.

Guide Your Story with Entrance Signs

Entrance signs are not just markers; they can also become focal points in your scrapbook. Use the entrance signs of parks, museums, or landmarks you've explored, incorporating these images into your layout to guide the viewer's eye and provide a natural starting point for your narrative. You could also try using creative cropping techniques to emphasize the details and design of the signs.

Tell Tales with Information Boards

Information boards are treasure troves of details about a place and can act as a quick way to add journalling about a place to your pages.  Photographs of these boards also not only give you a reminder when you’re making the pages, they can serve as visual storytelling elements, offering interesting facts or anecdotes about the attractions you've visited. Include snippets of information in your journaling or captions to share the educational aspects of your journey.

Frame Memories with Architectural Elements

Sometimes, the signposts and information boards themselves can be works of art. Capture the architectural details, colours, and textures of these elements in your photographs. Use these images as decorative frames or borders for your photos and tying the visual elements together.

Create Interactive Elements

Take your scrapbooking to the next level by turning signposts and information boards into interactive elements. Design flaps or flip-ups that reveal additional photos or journaling underneath. This adds an element of surprise and engages the viewer, inviting them to explore the layers of your story.

Incorporate Maps and Symbols

Enhance the travel theme of your scrapbook by incorporating maps and symbols commonly associated with navigation. Include small maps as background elements and use symbols like arrows or compasses to draw attention to specific areas of your layout. This not only adds visual interest but also reinforces the sense of exploration.

Incorporating photographs these things into your scrapbook layouts provides a unique touch to your memory-keeping endeavours. These images not only serve as visual markers of your journey but also add layers of storytelling and context to your memories.

Experiment with different layouts, embellishments, and interactive elements to create a scrapbook that not only captures the destinations you've visited but also tells the rich and vibrant stories behind each adventure!