June 2024 wk4 Scrapbook Page Layout

Posted by Linda Gransby on

June 2024 wk4 scrapbook page layout

Let It Snow

This is guest scrapbooker Angela’s final layout for us.  Here’s what she says about it:

“Light blue cardstock was used as the background and alternating patterned cardstock was used for the banner and photo matts. 

The photo matts were chalked (same as Nature’s Bouquet) as well as the tabs which correspond to the opposite pages photo matts (if that makes sense). 

In my opinion, I feel the stars should have been snowflakes to match the patterned cardstock, but it still worked. 

Lettering was placed on the clean wooden discs then coloured with the ink pad, after then removing the lettering to reveal the natural wood colour. 

Embroidery thread was used to hang the discs, much like a bauble or other ornament would be hung on a Christmas tree.

Is it a blizzard or is it a sprinkling of snow?  It depends on which side of the country you’re on?  My father-in-law lived in Stafford (West Midlands), and we live in Reepham (East England), some 200 miles apart.  This shows just how different the climate is!”

More tips from Angela:

  1. Improvise and be practical. You don’t need all the fancy gadgets.  More often than not, they will become dust collectors. 
  2. Use cut up cardstock offcuts for marking space, the thickness of a ruler instead of measuring to the millimetre.
  3. Use it, even if you think it’s too pretty. If you don’t, it will be wasted.
  4. When you are 70% satisfied with your page, stop and leave it for a while.
  5. Mistakes are not the end of the world. If one way doesn’t work, you can try again.  If you know it’s something you might struggle with, make a template first (it saves the expensive cardstock).
  6. Most importantly – find your tribe and have fun! One thing that has been invaluable is to find your tribe.  Your tribe will be the guys and girls that encourage you, will be your enablers and most importantly, will ensure you have fun during the process of creating and crafting!