January 2024 Wk4 Scrapbook Page Layout

Posted by Linda Gransby on

January 2024 Wk4 Scrapbook Page Layout

Creative Ways to Use Gel Pens

A versatile tool that can transform your scrapbook layouts is the humble gel pen.  Its cost effective, easy to carry to workshops and they take up very little storage space.  You can buy them in a large range of different colours, so you’ll always have a colour to coordinate with your pages.

You’ll notice if you look closely, that guest scrapbooker Jenn has used a metallic gel pen to run a delicate border around the edge of her pages, framing her design and drawing the eye into the pages.


Doodling and Hand Lettering

Gel pens are perfect for adding quirky doodles and hand-lettered elements to your scrapbook. Whether it's drawing borders, creating frames, or outlining titles, the smooth flow of gel ink allows for precise and controlled lines. Experiment with different styles, from elegant script to playful doodles, to give your pages a unique and personalised touch.


Highlighting and Accentuating

Use gel pens to highlight important elements on your page. Trace around photos, embellishments, or journaling to draw attention to specific details. Choose colours that complement your overall theme to create a and visually coordinated layout.


Creating Patterns and Backgrounds

Gel pens are fantastic for adding intricate patterns and designs to your scrapbook backgrounds. Whether you prefer simple polka dots, swirls, or more complex geometric shapes, gel pens provide a convenient way to add texture and interest to your pages.


Embellishing with Metallics

Explore the world of metallic gel pens to add a touch of glamour to your scrapbook. Gold, silver, and bronze gel pens can be used to outline, accentuate, or even fill in certain elements on your page. Metallic gel pens work particularly well for adding a touch of elegance to wedding, anniversary, or special occasion layouts.


Journaling in Colour

Break away from traditional black or blue pens when journaling in your scrapbook. Use coloured gel pens to write your thoughts, memories, and captions. Coordinate the pen colour with the overall colour scheme of your page for a harmonious and polished look.  White, silver and gold pens work particularly well if you are wanting to write on dark cardstock.


Layering and Dimension

Experiment with layering different gel pen colours to create depth and dimension on your scrapbook pages. For instance, outline a shape with one colour and then fill it in with another for a vibrant and eye-catching effect. This technique works especially well for title lettering.


Personalising Embellishments

Take your embellishments to the next level by customising them with gel pens. Add intricate details to die-cut shapes, stickers, or chipboard elements.