January 2024 Wk3 Scrapbook Page Layout

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January 2024 Wk3 Scrapbook Page Layout

Unlocking the Perfect Title

Selecting the perfect title can make a big difference to your page layout, both in context and readability. Jenn has cleverly used puns in her titles to make the reader smile, and to keep their attention.

Here's a few suggestions of different categories of titles to get your grey cells working on what you could do on your next layout.


Classic Titles

These titles are timeless and versatile, providing a straightforward yet elegant touch to your pages. This typically would be using the place name, or something describing what’s you layout is about.  E.g.  “ A trip to London”, “10th Birthday”, “ Zoo Fun”, “Sandcastles and Sea”

Tailor your title to the occasion, whether it's a birthday, wedding, graduation, or a special vacation. E.g. "A Day to Remember," "Wedding Bells," or “Happy Birthday Sam”

Location-Based Titles

Highlight the significance of a particular place or journey with titles like "Exploring [Destination]" or "Views of [Location]."  Maybe give your pages a guidebook style title.  You could let your imagination run if you’re visiting a themed place, say for instance Harry Potter world or Disney.


Quote-Based or poem based titles

Draw inspiration from famous movie quotes.  Maybe a poem that is significant to your pages, or means something to the people on the photos. 

Song Titles are another idea that works well and adds interest for the reader, maybe they’ll have fun trying to remember the tune!

Book titles could be an option too, take a walk around your local library for inspiration (and maybe borrow a book while you're there)

Google is your friend when it comes to quotes.  There are many excellent databases of subject based lists for difference themes.  For instance, you can search for quotes about ‘love’, ‘rain’ or summer.


Puns and Playful Titles

For a light hearted touch, incorporate puns or wordplay into your titles. E.g. "Sip Happens" for a coffee-themed layout or "Life is Brewtiful" for a beer-tasting adventure.

Again, you can Google search for ideas of interesting phrases to use.


The key to a captivating title is personalisation. Consider the theme, emotions, and style you want to convey.

Have fun experimenting with different fonts, colours, and sizes too.  More on that in another article!