March 2023 Wk2 Scrapbook Page Layout

Posted by Linda Gransby on

March 2023 Wk2 Scrapbook Page Layout

I’m a big fan of cost-effective scrapbooking and keeping things simple.  This doesn’t have to mean boring, flat pages though!

After completing the main design, Helen has written name labels and added little flourishes.  Did you spot the little bird with his tail overhanging the photo?  This fun touch adds a three-dimensional feel to the page without adding bulky embellishments.  What could you do on your next page to scrap lift this technique?

Another idea to add dimension without bulk is to create a shadow under your title.  If you look carefully at the title on this page, you’ll see Helen has added a subtle blue background, which pops the letters from the page when we view as readers.

This layout demonstrates how you can take a simple tool, a permanent black ink pen, to lift you pages out of the ordinary.  It’s the final touch once you’ve completed the main layout.  Helen has run a dashed and dotted line using a pen, around the whole design.  It frames everything and draws the design into one coherent page.