January 2024 Wk2 Scrapbook Page Layout

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January 2024 Wk2 scrapbook page layout

Enhancing your scrapbook layouts with narrow photo mats

One of the key elements in creating a captivating scrapbook layout is the careful selection and arrangement of photos. One technique that can significantly elevate your scrapbooking game is the use of narrow photo mats to highlight your key photos.

Guest scrapbooker Jenn has used this technique very successfully on this double page layout to emphasize her key photos in the story.


Why Choose Narrow Photo Mats?

Narrow photo mats provide a subtle frame that draws attention to your photos without overpowering them, allowing the images to take centre stage. Additionally, these mats add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your scrapbook pages, creating a cohesive and polished look.

Here's a guide on how to effectively use narrow photo mats to enhance your scrapbook layouts.


Selecting the Right Materials

  • Choose high quality, acid free matting materials to ensure the longevity of your scrapbook pages.
  • Opt for neutral or complementary colours that enhance the colours in your photos without overshadowing them.

Measuring and Cutting

  • Measure your photos carefully, leaving a narrow border around each image. A border of 1/8 to 1/4 inch is plenty.
  • Use a paper trimmer or scissors & ruler to cut the mats with clean, straight lines. Consistency is key for a professional and polished look.

Contrasting or Complementing Colours

  • Consider the colour palette of your photos and choose mats that either complement or provide a subtle contrast to the images.
  • Experiment with monochromatic or analogous colour schemes for a harmonious and visually pleasing layout. (see my article on using the colour wheel to choose your scheme)

Layering for Dimension

  • Create depth and visual interest by layering multiple narrow mats of coordinating colours.
  • This technique adds dimension to your scrapbook pages and can be particularly effective with themed layouts.

Experimenting with Shapes

  • While rectangular mats are classic, consider experimenting with different shapes like ovals or circles for a unique and eye catching effect.
  • You can buy special cutting systems to get perfect circles and ovals, or just use what you have to hand to draw around.