August 2023 Wk2 Scrapbook page layout

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August 2023 Wk2 Scrapbook page layout

Creative Ways to Use Ink Pads for Stunning Scrapbook Layouts

If you're looking to add depth, dimension, and artistic flair to your scrapbook layouts, ink pads are a fantastic tool to have in your arsenal.  Our guest scrapbooker Nicky has used an ink pad to create inked edges that really stand out on the page and emphasize the torn edges.

This technique, called inking or edging, adds depth and definition to each piece. Use a sponge dauber or your fingertip to apply a subtle amount of ink along the edges. Match the ink colour to your layout's colour scheme for a cohesive look or use a contrasting colour to make your elements stand out.

Let’s explore other ideas to use ink pads to enhance your scrapbook layouts.

Distressed Backgrounds

One of the most popular techniques with ink pads is creating distressed backgrounds. Start by choosing a light-coloured cardstock as your base. Then, select a complementary ink colour and gently swipe the ink pad across the paper in a random fashion. You can also dab the ink pad lightly in a circular motion to achieve a more textured look. This technique adds a vintage and shabby chic feel to your layout, making your photos pop against the distressed background.

Stamping Elements

Incorporating stamped images into your scrapbook layouts can add whimsy and personality. Select a variety of stamps that match your theme – be it florals, animals, or patterns. Experiment with different ink pad colours to create vibrant and eye-catching stamped elements. After stamping, you can fussy-cut the images and use adhesive foam dots to give them dimension.

Ink Blending

Ink blending is a technique that involves seamlessly transitioning between two or more colours. Start by selecting the colours you want to blend – they could be analogous or complementary hues. Use a sponge or blending tool to apply the ink in a circular motion where the colours meet. This technique is perfect for creating ombre effects or blending different shades to create a harmonious backdrop for your photos.

Watercolour Effects

For a soft and artistic touch, transform your ink pads into watercolours. Gently press the closed ink pad onto a plastic surface or craft mat to transfer some ink. Then, use a water brush or a fine mist spray bottle to mix the ink with water and create watercolour-like effects. This technique is fantastic for adding a dreamy background or highlighting specific areas of your layout.

Ink pads are incredibly versatile tools that can elevate your scrapbook layouts from ordinary to extraordinary. Use your creativity to experiment with these techniques to discover the endless possibilities.