what about capturing the day to day?

Posted by Linda Gransby on

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I've been focussing (ha! get it?) on taking images every day.  This way I learn more about my camera as I use it regularly, but I'm looking at my day to day life rather than just special occasions and holidays (how i wish I'd got photos of me at work to show my children)

What about documenting the everyday - your everyday?..... If you had an album of how your great grandmother and grandfather lived their daily lives, wouldn't that be the most compelling and interesting book to leaf through?

So why not create that for your future family.  A scrapbook about yourself, your day to day life, what you watch on TV, your hobbies, favourite foods....?

What fun that would be!

Don't get caught up in worries about having your photo taken.  Future viewers of your album won't care if your hair isn't perfect or you've got no makeup, or if you're a bit more 'cuddly' than you would like.

You don't even need to have your picture on many of the pages - get creative with the photos you could use!