Photos Everywhere? Here's 5 tips to get organised.

Posted by Linda Gransby on

Photos Everywhere?  here's 5 tips to get organised.

If you are like me, you'll probably have photos stored in lots of different places, even if you've been making albums for a while. 


It’s really satisfying to get organised, and this time of year is a great time to do it!  By keeping a few basic tips in mind, you can get a handle on it in no time.


Whether you have traditional prints, digital, or both, the basics are the same:

Gather all your photos in one place.

This may take you an hour, an afternoon or a few weeks, depending on how many you have and where they are!

Sort them out into Categories.

Sort photos chronologically if your goal is to complete scrapbooks by date or event. Or if you want to track a specific event, person, or topic, by themes (like holidays or birthdays). Get as specific as you want—it’s your system.

Sift as you sort.

Chuck out (or give away) duplicates and get rid of those blurred photos. (unless its one of a kind)

Label as you sort.

If you can remember information, jot down names places and dates on the back of the photos with a pencil.

Store prints in a photo storage box.

Get yourself a box to store your photos in short term. This isn’t meant to be for permanent storage so a shoe box or similar will do.


What about digital?  You'll still need a storage system.  More about this soon……