Seven photo taking time savers

Posted by Linda Gransby on

Seven photo taking time savers

Here are some suggestions to help you save time......

1.  At the end of each photo session,make time to review your images immediately.  Don't be tempted to leave it until later, as they will mount up into a more extensive task as you take more and more, and you may not have time. You will find it a slower process when it is not fresh in your mind.

2. Review your images and delete blurred, boring,unacceptable and duplicate photos.  You don't want to have to work through these photos each time you open the file... pick the best, disgard the rest...!

3. Download photos regularly into a structured file system on your main storage device.  Work out a system that works for you, it will save you hours of searching for a particular photograph!

4.  Don't delete the original photos until you (a) are sure they have downloaded successfully, and (b) have made a backup (you end up with 2 copies in different places)  Retrieving precious deleted/corrupted photos can be very expensive and time consuming.

5. Have a standard naming system, don't rely on the combination of letters and numbers allocated by your camera, as you will find it difficult to track down individual photos when you need them.

6.  Many storage systems allow you to mark preferred photos using a star system or similar.  This is really useful to save you time when selecting images for use, as you can flag them once rather than keep having to work through them all each time.

7.  The more photos you take, the more work it will be afterwards to edit and organise them.  Unlimited doesn't have to mean you take 1000's of photos...!   Press the shutter mindfully.  Do some basic checks before you start so that you don't have to keep redoing the shots.