6 steps to avoid losing your digital photos

Posted by Linda Gransby on


6 steps to avoid losing your digital photos

Juggling your collection of digital photos can seem like a difficult task, but you can make it an easy process with a few simple steps:

1. Edit your photos in your camera or phone each time you shoot images.  Immediately get rid of blurred, duplicate and duff photos.  This will save you time downloading, sorting and storing

2. Download your photos regularly from your camera or phone to your computer.  This could be weekly or monthly depending on how often you take photos.  It will be quick task if you do it regularly, plus you’ll be able to free up space on your memory card

3. Each time you download photos to your computer, take time to give them a meaningful filename, so that you can find them again easily. You’ll save a lot of time when it comes to finding them again later.

4. Save all your digital photos in a folder system that you can access easily, and that you will always remember the location of.  You can waste a lot of time scrabbling around on your computer trying to find where you saved your images

5. Keep your images organised by year, theme or event, such as ”Christmas”, “Birthday” or “trip to Dorset.  If you’re not sure, choose by year.

6. You can rate your photos using many photo software packages.  You may want to use this option to choose the images you will eventually print for your album.

Following these simple guidelines each time you download images will save you loads of time later, and will also save your sanity!

For more on saving time with your digital and printed photos, and ideas for album making go to www.memoriesandphotos.co.uk