Why space is so important

Posted by Linda Gransby on

Lets talk about empty space..... did you know our bodies are made up of 99.99% space? I digress.....

Leaving space on your page is the equivilent of opening a bottle of wine and leaving it to breathe....

Space is important to a layout. A cluttered, crowded page is the
equivalent of background noise in a big hall: nothing stands out. Without space memorable journalling goes unnoticed, photos drown in busy-ness of the page.

Yes, its good to make the most of your album pages, getting as many photos and journallig on as possible, but theres also a time to let your photos 'breathe'

Take a look at guest scrapbooker Pat Couder's latest design (below). It would have been very easy to add more elements to the top half of the page or to use whole pages of printed paper as a background..... but the simplicity of the white page just emphasizes the photos and journalling to make a very striking double page layout.

Pat Couder 2 page layout nov 21