September 2023 Wk1 Scrapbook Page Layout

Posted by Linda Gransby on

September 2023 Wk1 Scrapbook page layout

Using space around page edges in your scrapbook layouts

I’m blown away by this page layout by guest scrapbooker Sarah.  She demonstrates how you can take a sketch idea and really elevate it into something special for your album!  Her colour choices emphasize the fun we can see in the photos, and give us a sense of energy when viewing the pages.

Sarah has used an interesting and often overlooked technique to frame her layout.  The incredibly powerful design element on her layout is the space around the edges of each page.

This area holds immense potential to enhance the overall impact of your design and photos. Lets look at how you can exploit the space around the edge of each page layout to emphasize your design and photos, resulting in eye-catching and harmonious scrapbook pages.

Embrace Simplicity

By leaving a margin of space around the edges of your layout, you're essentially creating a frame for your design. This helps guide the viewer's eye towards the central elements and prevents the layout from feeling cluttered. Embrace the beauty of simplicity by letting your design breathe.


Enhance Focus

Space around the edges acts as a visual buffer, ensuring that the viewer's attention is directed towards the main subject of your layout. Whether it's a cherished photograph, a meaningful quote, or a special memento, giving it some breathing room lets it shine.


Achieve Balance

In design, balance is crucial. Utilizing the space around the edge helps you establish a sense of equilibrium in your composition. Play with negative space to balance out the weight of your design elements, creating a pleasing visual harmony.


Tell a Story

Consider the space around the edges as a part of the narrative. You can use this area to extend the theme of your layout. For instance, if you're creating a beach-themed page, let the subtle waves or seashells spill into the margins, reinforcing the story you're telling.


Frame within a Frame

The space around the edges can act as a natural frame, drawing attention to your photos and design elements. Think of it as a frame within a frame, adding depth and dimension to your layout.


Play with Contrast

Using negative space effectively can also create a dynamic contrast with the filled areas of your layout. This contrast can make your design pop and add visual interest to the overall composition.


Enhance Coherence

If you're creating a series of pages within a scrapbook, utilizing consistent spacing around the edges on every double page layout can enhance the overall coherence of your project. It creates a sense of continuity that ties the pages together seamlessly, even if they have different colour schemes and subjects.


Experiment with Asymmetry

Don't be afraid to let your design elements extend slightly beyond the edge. This asymmetry can add a touch of excitement and movement to your layout, breaking away from the conventional boxed-in look.


Avoid Overcrowding

The temptation to fill every inch of space on a page can lead to overcrowding. By incorporating ample space around the edges, you encourage a more mindful approach to layout design, allowing each element to shine individually.


Focus on Visual Flow

Lastly, the space around the edges can significantly impact the visual flow of your layout. Experiment with different ways to guide the viewer's eye across the page, making the overall experience more engaging and enjoyable.


The space around the edges of each page layout in your scrapbook is a canvas of untapped potential. It can serve as a powerful tool to highlight your design and photos, enhance the overall aesthetics, and contribute to the storytelling aspect of your project.

Embrace the concept of negative space and let it work its magic in creating visually stunning and emotionally resonant scrapbook layouts. Remember, it's not just what's within the frame that matters, but also the space that surrounds it.