one or many...?

Posted by Linda Gransby on

I'm a big fan of getting value for money, and the same goes for my pages...   Theres a balance to be made between having too much on a page and too little...

You can showcase one beautiful image on your scrapbook page, but you'll fill your albums very quickly if you do every page this way.  I think picking out a special one every now and again really adds to your albums.

On the other hand, you want to tell the story.  Having a series of photographs on a double page layout really takes your viewer through the journey, and allows you to give a real feel for the event or story you want to remember.

Natalie has done a great job of this with her first double page layout as guest scrapbooker for September, and its certainly a great kit for a family history page, although it would work for other themes too, such as anything with a masculine feel, or visits to museums or reenactment parks maybe.....

double page scrapbook layout