November 2022 - Meet our guest scrapbooker Sarah

Posted by Linda Gransby on

Sarah, November 2022 guest scrapbooker

I’m Sarah and I live in Berkshire but originally from Hampshire and still call Winchester my hometown.  I work full time as a PA so my work life is very busy, and I must be organised.  Perhaps that’s another reason I love my crafting because I can be quite chaotic when creating. 

 I’m widowed and my grown-up daughter Lily, lives with me and my son.  I love watching sport – Cricket, Football, Tennis, Formula 1, American Football etc all sorts.  The photo of me is one from when I went with my brother, nephew, and dad to visit the Tottenham Hotspur’s stadium as a real treat for us all as lifelong fans.

I started with the more modern form of scrapbooking back in 2013 to distract me when my mum was really poorly and then I took a break again until lockdown of summer 2020 when I really got back into it but I have been actually making scrapbooks since I was a child and use to make scrapbooks up of all sorts of cuttings – including the royal family and home decor. 

I love the creative outlet it gives me and making something to look at. I love looking at old photos and the memories associated with them so scrapbooking really makes me happy.

I’ve been a guest contributor for other Facebook groups but not in printed press or blogs.  I take photos on my iPhone now of all sorts of things – mainly my grand-daughter Daisy and other members of my family. 

You’ll find sunrise and sunset seem to feature a lot in my photos, also documenting the changing seasons by taking photos of the same tree or field or area of the garden at different times of the year and odd things I spot or things that make me laugh will all be found in my photos folders. 


I have lots of actual photos taken on old cameras on reels of film of holidays, days out and family events that were sent away to be printed – remember doing that and not knowing how they were going to turn out – that I want to put onto pages and write the stories behind them, so I am going to be scrapbooking for a long time.


I love crafting because it is such a calming outlet for me – it helps me to relax and forget about what troubles are going on that I can sort out at another time.  I am lucky that I can devote my time to my hobby and forget the housework!  


My craft room for 7-8 months of the year is my summerhouse in the garden but for the colder months the dining room table must be used.  I do like to completely lose myself when scrapping and I can be quite messy but when indoors I must clear it all away at the end of the day.


My blog is  - this is where I upload all the pages I have made.  It’s called “button on it” as every one of my pages has a button of some description on it!