May 2022 Wk1 Page Layout Example

Posted by Linda Gransby on

May 2022 Scrapbook Page layout example Wk1
Here's our first double page layout from Penny, our guest scrapbook for this month.
She's used this weeks page layout sketch (Get the weekly sketch here if you don't already)  
An important lesson to note here, is that her page layout follows the sketch for inspiration, but does not stick to it exactly....  Don't be put off by a sketch that has hearts when you don't want to use them, or portrait photos when you only have horizontal ones.
The concept of s sketch is to give your mind a place to start....  you may end up only using one aspect of the sketch design, or you may copy it exactly...  its entirely up to you, theres no rules!
The sketch narrows your choice down, and gives your creative brain room to breathe....  We can get overwelmed with the amount of options in modern day life, and it slows you down as you agnonise over what to pick.... 
I think about supermarket shopping.... in the main supermarket it takes me an hour to shop, even for just a few items, because theres so much on the shelves to choose from.... but in the local shops I've chosen and checked out in 10 mins!
Here's a challenge for you...  take this weeks sketch and make a layout - double or single, doesnt matter...   I''d really love to see what you create, I may feature it in a future blog (with your permission of course) 

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