March 2024 Wk1 Scrapbook Page Layout

Posted by Linda Gransby on

March 2024 Wk1 scrapbook page layout

How to save time decorating your pages


Die cut shapes are pre-cut designs that come in a variety of themes, sizes, and styles, making them perfect for enhancing your layouts and often made to complement printed paper collections.

Our guest scrapbooker Ali, has demonstrated perfectly the use of  die cut shapes on this week’s layout.  Can you spot which techniques she has used from the list below?


Title embellishment

Use large, bold die cut letters to create eye-catching titles for your scrapbook pages. Arrange the letters in different fonts and colors to match the theme or mood of your layout.


Framing Photos

 Frame your photos with intricately cut shapes to draw attention to the focal point of your page. Choose frames that complement the subject matter and add visual interest to your pictures.


Background Texture

Layer die cut shapes to create a textured background for your scrapbook page. Experiment with different patterns and colors to add depth and dimension to your layout.

Layered Accents

Add depth to your page by layering multiple die cut shapes on top of each other. Use foam adhesive or double-sided tape to create dimension and make certain elements pop.

Border Decoration

Create decorative borders using die cut paper shapes. Whether it's a row of hearts, stars, or flowers, borders can add a bespoke touch to your scrapbook layout.

Journaling Blocks

Use die cut shapes as frames or backgrounds for journaling blocks. Write down your thoughts, memories, or quotes on these blocks to document the story behind your photos.

Themed Embellishments

Choose die cut shapes that match the theme of your scrapbook page. Whether it's travel, holidays, or special occasions, themed embellishments can help tie your layout together and convey the mood of the moment.

Interactive Elements

Create interactive elements on your scrapbook page using die cut shapes. Lift flaps, pull tabs, or rotating wheels can add an element of surprise and engagement to your layout.

Embellished Photo Mats

Enhance your photo mats with die cut shapes. Decorate the edges of your mats with scalloped borders, intricate designs, or themed motifs to add visual interest to your pictures.

Scene Building

Build scenes or vignettes using die cut shapes to set the stage for your photos. Whether it's a beach scene, a garden setting, or a cityscape, arranging die cut elements strategically can help tell the story on your scrapbook page.