March 2023 Wk1 Scrapbook Page Layout

Posted by Linda Gransby on

Helen has exploited the circular design of the sketch to the full with this double page layout.   Eight photos on a double page, plus title, journalling and labels for the photos.  Its simple look does full justice to the photos.

I love how Helen has framed the journalling the hearts, a great way of signposting important information.  If you’re worried about hand journalling, do a few practices of the paragraph before you start, to get the layout and spacing correct.  Its worth getting someone else to proof read your writing too, as sometimes we miss errors when we’ve written something ourselves.

Helen has also simply and cleverly added name labels to the photos.  Such an unobtrusive way, but gives all the information a reader might want to know.

If you look carefully, you’ll also see she’s inked the edge of the circles.  This is a great technique for making an element stand out from your page, and very cost effective.  Permanent ink pads are a good investment if you are on a limited budget (or even if you’re not!)

Finally, if you thought blue and red can’t look good together, Helen has proved this is not the case.  The red shirt really adds some zing to the page.  If you get your colour wheel out, you’ll see that red and green sit exactly opposite each other, making them ‘Complimentary’ colours. (if you’ve haven’t got one, google it!)  This type of colour scheme will give more energy to your page for the reader.