June 2022 Wk4 Page Layout Example

Posted by Linda Gransby on

June 2022 Wk4 scrapbook page layout example
These are the final pages from Jackie, our guest scrapbooker.... thank you so much Jackie.
Lets talk old family photos and family history.  Are you feeling at a lost of what to do about the older photos you have inherited from relatives?  It can feel like a time consuming job to get old photos sorted and organised.
Scrapbooking can be a wonderful way to preserve your heritage photos, and it doesn't have to take months and months if you get organised.
Here's a few pointers to get you started:
  • Gather all the heritage photos you have together in one place.
  • Sort them, either chronologically or by family group, or both.
  • Add any documents you have (certificates etc) to the relevant pile
  • Check the reverse of photos for names/dates etc
If you have photos that you can't identify, its really sad feeling, but all is not lost.  Think about whether there's any older / more distant family members (cousins etc) who may be able to tell you who people are, or even long term family friends may be able to help.
If you find any new information, its a good idea to label the back your photos.  Keep to a soft lead pencil, don't be tempted to use biro as it can damage photos.
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