July 2023 Scrapbook Page Layout Wk1

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July 2023 Scrapbook Page Layout wk1

Simple and cost-effective ways to enhance your scrapbook pages with pens

While photographs and decorative elements play a significant role in scrapbooking, one often overlooked tool is the humble pen. Pens can be incredibly versatile and can add an extra dimension to your scrapbook pages, but remember to make sure they are permanent ink and acid free to avoid your them effecting your pages over time. 

Our guest scrapbooker Sandi has used her black pen to great effect making frames on this layout made with the Memories and Photos July '23 scrapbox kit

She has used her black pen for creating frames around her photos, embellishments, and principal elements on the page. You can use fine-tipped pens to draw delicate borders, or opt for thicker markers for a bolder look. You can also highlight specific areas of your page, such as important dates or memorable quotes, by outlining them with a pen or adding arrows or underlines.

Other ideas you can try

Doodling and Borders:

Use a pen to create unique doodles and decorative borders around your photographs or page edges. Add designs, flourishes, or intricate patterns to give your scrapbook an artistic flair. Consider using metallic or gel pens to make your doodles stand out and add a touch of shine to the page.

Handwritten Journaling:

One of the most classic uses of pens in scrapbooking is adding handwritten journaling. Use pens with assorted colours and tip sizes to write down your thoughts, stories, or anecdotes directly on the page. Experiment with various handwriting styles to match the mood and theme of your scrapbook. Handwritten journaling adds a distinctive touch and brings your memories to life.

Title and Header Designs:

Transform your page headings and titles into eye-catching focal points by using pens creatively. Experiment with different fonts, lettering styles, and sizes to make your titles pop. Embellish your lettering with swirls, shadows, or patterns to add depth and visual interest. Using a combination of coloured pens can make your titles even more vibrant and captivating.

Hand-drawn Icons and Symbols:

Add a personalized touch to your scrapbook by drawing small icons or symbols that represent the theme or content of your page. For example, draw a camera icon near your travel photographs or a heart symbol near a romantic memory. These hand-drawn elements will make your scrapbook unique and showcase your artistic abilities. (not good at drawing?  Try tracing!)

Pens offer endless cost-effective possibilities for enhancing your scrapbook pages and adding a personal touch to your memories. From handwritten journaling and decorative borders to creative title designs and interactive elements, incorporating pens in your scrapbooking journey will make your pages come alive. So, grab your favourite pens, let your creativity flow, and enjoy the process of making your scrapbook truly one-of-a-kind!

PS - The layout was used using the July '23 scrapbox kit, but here's Sandi's note on extras she use to create the page

sandis notes