July 2022 Wk3 Scrapbook page layout

Posted by Linda Gransby on

July 2022 Double page scrapbook layout
These pages have been created by guest scrapbooker Sally-Ann, inspired by a layout idea from The Weekly Sketch (click here to get yours each week, its free!)
Lets talk stitching!  Even if you've never picked up a needle and thread, you can easily create the effect on these pages, and it costs only pennies too.  All you need is some embroidery thread, tapestry needle, ruler and a pokey tool or something with a sharp point.
Measure out where you are going to stich, making a pencil mark at each point.  This gives you a nice uniform look.
Use the pokey tool to punch through the paper.  Punching the paper first avoids getting sore fingers pushing the needle through, and stops the paper tearing.
Lindas tip:  Use some foam or a few layer of something soft behind your paper when punching, its makes the process easier.
Then thread your needle and stitch through the holes.  Try running stitch or backstitch if you're a beginner stitcher, or try a fancier stitch if you're a seasoned sew-er.
These page were completed using a selection of items from the Memorie and Photos July 2022 scrapbox kit, (see the whole kit here)  The kits are while stocks last, but you can guarantee your kit every month, and save money by joining the Scrapbox Club subscription box.