January 2023 - Wk3 Scrapbook Page Layout

Posted by Linda Gransby on

 January 2023 - wk3 Scrapbook Page Layout

Sew easy to embellish

Using a needle and thread is becoming popular recently.  On this page layout, Maggie has used a simple dotted line around the edge of her composition to frame it.

This effect is very easy to achieve; all you need is a pencil and ruler; a needle with a large eye; a ‘pokey tool’; a piece or foam; and a skein of embroidery thread (normal cotton sewing thread is too skinny).

You can buy ‘pokey tools’ from craft stores or look for something around the house with a sharp end.  A skewer or a bradel from the tool shed would work.

Using your pencil and ruler, mark out spaced dots around your chosen border.  Place your cardstock over a piece of foam and use the ‘Pokey tool’ to punch small holes where you have marked. 

All you need to do after this, is sew through the holes with your needle and thread.  Voila!