January 2022 Wk3 Page Design

Posted by Linda Gransby on

January 2022 wk3 page layout design

Guest scrapbooker Lindy has cleverly given this layout a holiday feel with the luggage label style tags for the title and the journalling.  I'm a big advocate of journalling in your own handwriting, it adds a personal touch to the page, and also connects the future readers (possibly your descendants) with you in a more personal way.

If you're not confident with journalling in your own handwriting (rather than printing something out), using a tag is a great no-risk way to give it a go....  If you make a mistake you can start again easily without mucking up the whole page...

The blocked photos are an impactful way to tell the story, and fit lots on one layout.  They also flow well across a two page layout to give continuity to the pages.