January 2022 Wk1 Page Design

Posted by Linda Gransby on

January 2022 wk1 page layout
I love the colours in Lindys layout, they really give the feeling of summer holidays, sea and sun!  The little chipboard car that's so cute is included in the January Scrap box kit that Lindy has used to make her layout...
Aqua (or is it turquoise, take your pick...) and the gentle sandy colour appear directly opposite each other on the colour wheel, making them complimentary colours.
Complimentary colours used together add a feeling of energy and zing to a page.  If you want to tone this down a little, pick two complimentary colours, but use one as the main theme, and the other as an accent....
Adding the white frames around the photos helps to highlight them without being too overpowering, and links them to the journalling tag in the right hand corner.