Introducing our March 2021 guest scrapbooker....

Posted by Linda Gransby on

I'm Sam, and I started scrapbooking after having my first baby. I met a lady in hospital (Mel) who actually knew my mum from a craft group and she lived down the road from me.

This friendship was meant to be! We got talking and she invited me over and encouraged me to make a scrapbook of my baby rather than a photo album.


I started off really simple but have enjoyed trying different techniques over the years. My style has changed but I still enjoy doing “simple” scrapbooking which doesn’t require lots of fancy tools. I tend to take photos mostly of my children and their experiences and my scrapbooks are an alternative to photo albums of their lives. 

Crafting retreats are the “me time” I so desperately need and I can’t wait until we can go again. I enjoy sitting and crafting but I don’t get much chance at home. 

I live in Widmer End, Buckinghamshire, I don’t have a blog and haven’t been featured anywhere else.  (....Until now! - editor)

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