i love it when it just clicks.....

Posted by Linda Gransby on

This layout is by Guest scrapbooker for October, Karelyn

Sometimes, a page just clicks and goes together, you find the right colours straight away, or the design just happens! 

October week 1 double page scrapbook layout

The blues of the October 2021 scrapbox kit work perfectly with these photos in a 2 colour scheme, just showing a hint of 'beach' colour to offset the blues.  The beautiful travel themed/driftwood effect papers from the October Scrapbox help create the feel too....

I often use a colour wheel if I'm stuck on colour choice, this combination of colours would be labelled as complementary (having 2 hues).

Complementary colour schemes can produce strong contrast on your page, giving a feeling of energy and vibrancy.

Alternatively, you can use them to tone it down a little like this layout, by using one main colour and an accent colour.

October 2021 layout closeup