February 2024 - Wk1 Scrapbook page layout

Posted by Linda Gransby on

Making the Most of Printed Papers

February 2024 - Wk1 Scrapbook page layout


If you've ever started a page and got very short of co-ordinating paper, I feel your pain...  We also want to make cost effective use of what we have right?

Our guest scrapbooker Penny has made full use of the circle cutting system to make her printed paper go further.  In this layout she's chosen two circles of printed paper, leaving the rest of the sheet, (both inner and outer circles) for use on another page.

Here's a few ideas to help...


Use a versatile paper

Choose a printed paper that complements a variety of themes or can be adapted to different occasions. Opt for neutral patterns or colours that can work well with various photos and embellishments.


Plan your layouts in advance.

Before making any cuts, take some time to plan your layouts. Layout sketches are ideal for this.  Think about the stories you want to tell and the overall aesthetic you're aiming for. This will help you make strategic decisions when cutting the paper.


Mix and match patterns

Experiment with mixing and matching patterns from the same printed paper. Some kits feature multiple coordinating patterns that can be combined to make completely different looking designs. By strategically cutting and combining these patterns, you can create diverse backgrounds for different pages.


Save your scraps

Keep left over printed papers from your scrapbooking.  File them in envelope folders by colour, and you’ll have a supply of scraps for embellishments and matting.


Use both sides

Don't forget about the reverse of your printed paper! Check both sides of the paper to find your best match for your layouts. This is particularly useful if the reverse side has a more subtle or complementary design.

Additionally, if you have polypropylene page covers, your can scrap on both sides of double sided paper, and them slip the page into the protector.


Cut wisely

Optimize your cuts to minimize waste and make the most out of your printed paper. Consider creating borders, frames, or smaller embellishments with the leftover scraps. Precision cutting can significantly extend the usability of a single sheet.


Incorporate matting

Extend the reach of your printed paper by incorporating mats. By layering your photos or journaling blocks on top of solid-coloured or coordinating patterned paper, you not only add visual interest but also use less of the precious printed paper.


Create themed elements

Stretch your paper by creating themed elements that can be used across multiple layouts. For example, cut out shapes like hearts, stars, or banners that can serve as consistent embellishments, making it quicker to complete an album and tying your album pages together.


Add texture

Enhance your layouts by incorporating texture. Consider using techniques like distressing, folding, or crumpling your paper to add dimension. This not only breathes new life into printed paper that may have got a bit dog-eared, but also gives your layouts a tactile quality.