February 2023 Wk1 Scrapbook Page Layout

Posted by Linda Gransby on

February 2023 wk1 scrapbook page layout

These pages are from the craft room of our guest scrapbook Ulrike.  I love how joyful the page layout is, making one of her grandchildren the focus of her page, complete with mud smudge on his face!

The pages really pop out at you and have a high energy feel about them.  This is the how you can make a colour scheme work for you.  Ulrike has used a ‘split complementary’ colour combination which gives a boost of vibrancy to the pages. (see my class on colour wheels for more on this).

Ulrike has used the resources she has, making a page title using her pens, and cutting out elements to add embellishments.  She’s included all the important information, title; date and some journalling too. 

The journalling is particularly important to remember the sheer enjoyment of the day.  I love how she has used her normal handwriting too.  Handwriting adds personality and really connects the page author to the reader.