February 2022 Wk1 Page Layout example

Posted by Linda Gransby on

February 2022 Wk1 page layout example
Vicki's first double page layout is a good reminder to us to focus on the important componants of scrapbooking. 
If you're like me, its very easy to be sidetracked by all the wonderful embellishments and papers available (note: does anyone else not use their favourite papers, but save them for when they have a 'special' layout to do?)
Your page basics should include a selection of photos that tell the story, journalling, a title and a date.
When selecting photos, try to pick your best shots; not blurry or poor quality unless its the only option you have to tell the story of the event.
The best journalling, is writing that tells you the story behind the photos, rather than describing what you can already see in the images for yourself.
Dating your page layout is important for future viewers of your scrapbook, a title less important, but really completes the page.