August 2023 Meet our guest scrapbooker

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Hello, I'm Nicky and have known Linda for 53 years! as I'm her younger sister (editor – never… it must be only 33 years….)  I’m living life to the full with my hubby.

Most months you will find us at some sort of music event at which I often take over 1000 photos…

(Yes, you read that right!)  We enjoy mini breaks around the country where my hubby will at some point try to hide while I’m laying down in the middle of a field taking photos from an interesting angle.  Sometimes he will find himself having to hold something back or "just stand there" so I can get a better photo.  I’m pretty much into photography so I have plenty of photos to scrap each month.

I have been scrapping for over 20 years after Linda introduced me to Creative Memories. I started off scrapping professional photos of the children as I wanted something nice as a keepsake for them to look back on. This was a very limited and rather child-like decorating of pictures with lots of stickers and I have greatly progressed from that!  I now use many different types of techniques and embellishments.

I like doing concert pages or travel pages where you can add memorabilia to the page, such as tickets, set list, beer mats leaflets etc, with lots of photos on too.  You won’t see many of my pages with just one photo on, unless it’s something special like my wedding photos, I like to make the most of my pages!

My most used item that I couldn't be without would be both my short and long straight-line cutter.

When making up a book, I will always try and stretch my comfort zone by using colours that I wouldn't normally use; or a new technique; different embellishments; or trying out different ways to cut photos.

Like many scrapbookers I do have a secret problem…. I HOARD PAPER!  I buy beautiful, pattered paper and then I can’t use it because it too good to cut up lol.  It will come out with the intention of using it, and then goes back in storage.  And like many of us journaling.... one of my hates, I know it needs to be there but I don’t like my writing, so tend to go with bullet points or print it out. 

At the moment I am doing a holiday album, and I’ve printed some ‘post cards’ using my photos, dates, and other bits of information (so getting more photos used!) and then writing a "postcard home" saying what we have done each day.

 At the moment my house is in the middle of a large make over, so my craft room is a little bit cluttered with stuff.  Once it’s done, I’ll be organised with loads of storage and workspace, and be able to leave my cutting machine out.  I’ve had it a couple of years now and it’s not been used to it potential.   I’m looking forward to being able to find everything easily and taking time to organise all my memorabilia so that I can find it easier, which should be mean I will be able to get on quicker with my projects.

August 2023 guest scrapbooker photo

(editor - shes definitely not with me.....  :-)