August 2022 Wk4 Scrapbook page layout

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August 2022 Wk4 Scrapbook Page layout


This is the final set of pages created by guest scrapbooker Michelle, inspired by a layout idea from The Weekly Sketch (click here to get yours each week, its free!)
This layout shows the importance of not filling every space on your page with a photo or embellishment.  When you view the page, your eyes like to see empty space in order to interpret the photos and enjoy them.
White space, or negative space, is empty space around the content and elements of a scrapbook page. The role of white space is to let your design breathe by reducing the amount of 'noise' that people viewing your pages see at one time.
The space doesn’t literally need to be white. Any space that serves as a background for the photos can be utlilised, hence the green in Michelle' page.
This technique has a massive effect on how readers of your album view your pages. The Law of Proximity says that objects located near each other appear similar. The negative space on your pages signals to our brains a signal that the pages are a connected composition.
Lindas tip: Be very selective about the images you choose for your pages, try to avoid too many similar images.  Don't be tempted to use them all, just because you have them in front of you.  Select ones that tell the story of the event you are scrapbooking. 
These page were completed using a selection of items from the Memories and Photos August 2022 scrapbox kit, (see the whole kit here) 
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