August 2022 Wk2 Scrapbook page layout

Posted by Linda Gransby on

August 2022 wk2 scrapbook page layout
These pages have been created by guest scrapbooker Michelle, inspired by a layout idea from The Weekly Sketch (click here to get yours each week, its free!)
Most of us have a camera with us every day, on our smart phone.  We have more opportunity than anyone before us to capture day to day life easily and document our lives.
Its very easy to remember to capture important events and landmark celebrations such as birthdays and weddings.  On this layout, Michelle has been able to mark an important appointment by taking in an unobtrusive way.
Think about taking photos of daily life, day to day events:  going to work; school; shopping; your house or garden; shopping trips; what your town looks like;  the list of possiblities is endless.
All the papers are from the August 2022 Scrap Box kit. Using paper strips as embellishments is a great way to use up odd bits and pieces of cardstock
Lindas tip:  Learn how to use your phone camera.  Practise every day and experiment with all the settings.  Find out more about how yours works by searching online for tutorials on how to use your particular model.
These page were completed using a selection of items from the Memories and Photos August 2022 scrapbox kit, (see the whole kit here)  The kits are while stocks last, but you can guarantee your kit every month, and save money by joining the Scrapbox Club subscription box