April 2022 Wk3 Page layout example

Posted by Linda Gransby on

april 2022 wk3 page layout example

What a fabulous way to twelve photos on a double page layout to tell a story! 

You'll need to be a little mindful when taking your photos... this layout works best with photos either all horizonal or all vertical...  (I've got into the habit of taking photos both ways so I have the option)

I also love the way Alison has used the Asian themed stamp from the April 2022 Scrap Box kit to make the title.  Isnt it cute?  There's also a parasol stamp in the kit, and some pretty little flowers too, plus you get the black ink pad included.

Having a selection of archival, permanant ink pads in your crafting kit is really cost effective as you can use them many times before they dry out. 

Its important you use archival or permanant ink if you want your albums to last as long as possible.  Ink will fade over time, so we want to give it the best chance of survival by using the correct type for the job.