...adding texture without bumpy-ness

Posted by Linda Gransby on

If you're pages are feeling a bit blah recently, how about adding a bit of texture...?

I'm not talking about massive bumpy bits, which would make your album really difficult to store, just subtle extras to add interest.

This weeks layout from guest scrapbooker Pat combines a number of tricks to add interest, lets start with ribbon and string.  These add a different texture and are 3d without being 'sticky out' so perfect for layouts... 

Tip: You can find small bits of ribbon and string on swing tags that come with new clothes or products, and of course, recycling gift tags is also an option!

Paper flowers also work well to add another layer, and you can raise them a little using foam sticky pads

Finally, theres always the option to layer your photos, just be a little careful of where you position the tape runner/photo mounts on the upper photos so they don't damage the ones underneath, especially if you're using vintage photos that you can'

November 2021 scrapbook page layout 4

t easily replace.