March 2023 Wk5 Scrapbook Page Layout

Posted by Linda Gransby on

March 2023 Wk5 Page Layout

This bonus layout is a step back in time to our guest scrapbooker Pat from November 2021.  Her beautiful double page layout has a wonderful feeling nostalgia about it.

If you're aiming to give your modern photos a vintage touch, adding a white frame around your images is a simple yet effective technique to achieve this.

Using square photos is also an effective way of giving the impression of vintage photos, as early prints were usually printed in a square format.

The use of white borders around photographs was once a common practice in the early days of photography, and has become a recognizable element of vintage imagery.

The white frame creates a separation between the photograph and its surroundings, drawing attention to the subject and giving it a timeless quality.

This effect is particularly effective when used with sepia or black and white photos, as it further enhances the classic, old-fashioned look. By adding a white frame around your modern photos, you can give them a nostalgic feel and make them stand out in your scrapbook pages.