December 2023 wk5 Scrapbook page layout

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December 2023 Wk5 Scrapbook page layout

Designing your own sketches

I asked my guest scrapbookers to challenge me by making a double page layout of their own design for me to make into a sketch.

Crafting your layouts from scratch not only adds a personal touch to your albums but also allows your creativity to shine. Let’s explore the creative journey of making scrapbook sketches.


Gather your inspiration

Before you start sketching, gather inspiration from various sources. Browse through magazines, look at greeting cards, home décor, Pinterest boards, or even take a walk in nature. Inspiration can strike anywhere, and having a diverse range of ideas will fuel your inspiration.


Sketch your layout

Grab a pencil, sketch paper (a4 printer paper will do nicely) and eraser.   Start by drawing simple shapes to represent where your photos, journaling, and embellishments will go. Experiment with different arrangements until you find a composition that compliments your theme and enhances the storytelling aspect of your scrapbook.

I have a printed square grid that I use underneath my sketch paper, which helps me see where to put the placeholders for photos.  The best way I’ve found is to use a light box underneath, so the grid shows through onto your sketch paper.


Play with layers and dimensions

Scrapbooking is all about creating visually appealing layers. Experiment with different elements like titles, journalling boxes, borders, frames, and overlapping photos to add depth to your layout. Consider placement of embellishments, stickers, or ephemera to enhance the theme and bring your sketches to life.


Incorporate journaling

Don't forget to leave space for journaling. Whether it's a heartfelt message, funny anecdote, or a simple caption, journaling adds a personal touch to your scrapbook. Experiment with different fonts and handwriting styles to find one that complements the overall aesthetic of your layout.



Once you've sketched your initial layout, take a step back and assess it. Does it capture the essence of your theme? Is the composition visually appealing? Make any necessary adjustments and refinements to ensure your sketch aligns with your vision.

All that remains is to gather your photos and papers and get scrapping!!