September 2023 Wk3 Scrapbook Page Layout

Posted by Linda Gransby on

September 2023 Wk3 Scrapbook Page Layout

Using the colour wheel to help you create impactful pages

Sarah has used an interesting combination of colours on this double page layout, inspired by the weekly sketch and this month’s Scrap Box kit.


The Colour Wheel - A Quick Overview

The colour wheel is a visual tool used by artists and designers to understand the relationships between colours. It consists of twelve colours arranged in a circular format, divided into three categories. primary colours, secondary colours, and tertiary colours.

Pink and blue are in the category of secondary colours on the colour wheel. Secondary colours are created by mixing two primary colours. In this case, pink is derived from the primary colour red, and blue is a primary colour itself. Therefore, pink and blue are neighbouring colours on the colour wheel, making them analogous colours.

Now, let's introduce light brown into the mix. Light brown is typically a neutral colour (or can be considered as a tertiary colour when used in certain contexts). Neutral colours are versatile and can complement other colours in various ways. They often serve as a background or accent colour to balance and enhance the overall colour scheme.

Understanding the colour wheel will help you plan the overall look and feel of your designs and help you create more impactful pages.

Harmonious blending.  Pink and blue, as analogous colours, blend harmoniously with each other. Adding light brown, as a neutral, allows you to create a balanced colour scheme that can provide depth and sophistication to your designs.

Soft and versatile Palette. Light brown, when combined with pink and blue, can soften the overall colour palette. This combination is ideal for themes that require a more subtle and versatile approach, such as vintage, rustic, or nature-inspired scrapbook layouts.

Focal points. The introduction of light brown provides an additional colour element to use as a focal point or as an accent within your scrapbook pages. It can help draw the viewer's attention to specific areas or elements of your design.

Theme and Message Enhancement. Think about how these colours align with the theme and message of your scrapbook. This combination can be particularly suitable for themes like family albums, outdoor adventures, or cosy memories, where the inclusion of light brown can evoke a sense of comfort and connection.