October 2023 Wk3 Scrapbook Page Layout

Posted by Linda Gransby on

October 2023 Wk3 Scrapbook page layout

 Guest scrapbooker Sarah has done a wonderful job of adding journalling to her double page layout.  This paper (from the Memories and Photos Industrial Zone scrapbox kit) is very decorative and it would be very easy to lose the words in the background.  By using plain cardstock blocks and a white gel pen, she elevates the journalling to make is clear and easy for the viewer to read.

When you're working with printed or intricate backgrounds, it can be challenging to find the right balance between your journaling and the background design. Lets look at some creative ideas and techniques for journaling on printed backgrounds to help you make your pages come alive with stories and memories.


Create Journaling Blocks - This is the technique Sarah used in her example.  Journaling blocks are pre-made or handcrafted sections where you can write your thoughts. When working with a printed background, consider creating journaling blocks using contrasting solid colour cardstock. These blocks can serve as a focal point and make your journaling stand out against the background.


Use Vellum or Translucent Paper - Vellum or translucent paper is a fantastic option to maintain the integrity of the background while still allowing your journaling to shine through. Place a piece of vellum over the printed background and write your thoughts, stories, or quotes with a pen or marker.

The slightly muted effect of vellum will soften the background, making the journaling easier to read without sacrificing the visual appeal of your page.  (Be careful, not all pens will dry properly on vellum – check on a bit of scrap vellum before you start)


Embrace White Space - Sometimes, less is more. Allow for some white space on your layout to make your journaling pop. You can strategically place your journaling on a less printed area of the background or use stickers or embellishments to create a visual separation between the journaling and the printed elements.


Overlay with Washi Tape - Washi tape is a versatile tool for adding layers and visual interest to your scrapbook pages. Use thin strips of plain washi tape to create an overlay on top of your printed background. Write your journaling on the washi tape, and this will not only help your journaling stand out but also add a unique decorative touch to your page.


Digital Journaling - For those who enjoy digital scrapbooking, consider adding digital journaling elements. You can create text boxes with customisable fonts and colours to overlay on your background, and then print them off.


Journaling Cards - Journaling cards are a popular choice for adding stories to your scrapbook pages. These cards often have decorative designs that contrast with printed backgrounds, making your journaling easier to read. Write your thoughts on journaling cards and strategically place them on your layout.


Remember that the goal is to enjoy creating, enhance your storytelling and create visually appealing pages that capture the essence of your memories.