May 2023 Scrapbook Page Layout Wk 3

Posted by Linda Gransby on

May 2023 Scrapbook Page Layout Wk 3

Kelly has produced a beautifully clear and simple page, and a a striking title for her layout.  Titles are really important to give your reader an introduction to your page.

Titles communicate the focus of the page: A clear and simple title tells the viewer what the focus of the page is, without overwhelming them with too much information. This can help them understand what the page is about at a glance.

A title that is clear and simple is also easy to read, which is important when it comes to creating a visually appealing scrapbook. If the title is too long or complicated, it can be difficult to read and detract from the overall look of the page.

A simple and clear title is often more memorable than a complicated one. This can help the viewer remember the page and its contents, even after they have put the scrapbook away.

A clear and simple title is accessible to all viewers, regardless of their reading level or language proficiency. This means that everyone can enjoy the page and understand what it's about.

Writing a clear and simple title saves time and effort, which can be important when creating a scrapbook. Instead of spending hours crafting the perfect title, you can focus on selecting and arranging the images and other elements on the page.

Finally, a clear and simple title emphasizes the images on the page, which are often the most important part of a scrapbook. By keeping the title simple, you allow the images to shine and tell their own story.