June 2024 Wk3 Scrapbook Page Layout

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June 2024 Wk3 Scrapbook Page Layout

Lest We Forget

Here's guest scrapbook Angela again:

"This is a personal tribute and very close to my husband’s heart.  The image of the four gentlemen is an actual newspaper article and the handwritten note is that of my husband’s great-grandfather.  During our travels to the different towns, we stop at various churches and cenotaphs as a remembrance of those who lost their lives during the wars. 

The poppy flower is symbolic of war heroes lost on the battlefields and I love how the vibrant red petals become darker and almost translucent when dried and blend into the background of the paper.

Photos were not raised but overlapped on one another.  They were reduced to different sizes and shaped with cut corners instead of rounded or square, with some fussy cutting of the poppy flower and pin badge.  The poppy cut out and family photo were raised on foam squares".

5 tips from Angela

  1. Buy good quality adhesive. Years from now, your pages will still be intact.  Use a glue that allows some movement when in use but doesn’t “wet” the pages when applied and warp them when dry.
  2. Masking tape (low tack tape) or washi tape is a good temporary “stick it in place” until you know where you want it to go.
  3. Take a photo of your page layout before you stick it down. Sometimes seeing it in smaller version will make you think twice about something.  If you not sure about something, let is sit overnight.  Tomorrow, your refreshed eyes will reveal a new page.
  4. Buy comfortable, decent scissors (even multiples) and only use them for one purpose. You will cut a lot and the last thing you want are blisters on your thumbs and fingers keeping you from crafting;  (don’t use paper scissors to cut fabric or vice-versa afterwards)
  5. If it moves, chalk/edge it. It gives the photo matt (frame card) depth and highlights softer colours on the page.  The base/background cardstock doesn’t need to be enhanced unless you want to.