August 2023 Wk3 Scrapbook page layout

Posted by Linda Gransby on

August 2023 Wk3 Scrapbook page layout

Making the Most of What You Have

While it's tempting to splurge on new crafting supplies, there's a special kind of satisfaction in crafting beautiful pages with what you already have.  If you look closely at guest scrapbook Nicky’s pages, you’ll notice a couple of unusual embellishments.

Alphabets. Nicky's layout uses an unusual combination of letters, from more than one set.  You can easily combine what you have left to make interesting titles.

Using photos as embellishments.  If you look closely at the coloured square on Nicky's layout, you’ll see they’re actually bits of photographs.  The great thing about this technique is that your embellishments will always match the photos!


Here’s a few other money saving ideas to make the most of what you have to hand.

Assess Your Stash.  Before you embark on your budget-friendly scrapbooking journey, get organised.  Take stock of your existing supplies. Gather papers, photos, fabric scraps, buttons, ribbons, and any other materials you might have. Organize them into categories to see what you can work with.

Embrace Imperfections.  The beauty of handmade scrapbooking lies in its uniqueness. Embrace imperfections in your materials – a slightly torn edge, a faded photo, or a scrap of patterned paper with a worn corner. These imperfections add character and authenticity to your pages.

Maximize Scraps.  Those small leftover pieces of paper and fabric that you might usually discard can be turned into eye-catching elements. Cut them into shapes, create borders, or layer them to add texture. Scraps are valuable assets in budget-friendly scrapbooking.

Incorporate Minimalist Design.  Embrace a minimalist design approach. Focus on the essentials – the photo, a title, and a few embellishments. This not only saves resources but also lends an elegant and clean look to your pages.

Collaborative Creativity.  Do an embellishment swap with your crafty friends.  Declutter and save money at the same time.