April 2024 Wk3 scrapbook page layout

Posted by Linda Gransby on

April 2024 wk3 scrapbook page layout


Scrapbooking isn't just about preserving memories; it's about crafting stories that leap off the page, capturing moments in time that are cherished forever. If you're looking to inject a dash of creativity into your scrapbook layouts, then this "Page Within a Page" technique might just be the ticket.

Take a closer look at this layout by guest scrapbooker Janina.  She's created a smaller canvas nestled within a larger one; that's the essence of the "Page Within a Page" technique. It involves creating a smaller page complete with photos, journalling, and embellishments, and then incorporating it into a larger background to form a border.

Here's a few simple steps to create yours.

Getting Started

Before diving into the creative process, gather your materials. You'll need assorted papers; your photographs; memorabilia; journalling cards; adhesive; scissors; and any other embellishments that will add to your story.


Design the Inner Page

Begin by selecting a smaller piece of cardstock or patterned paper (I suggest 8” or 10” square) as the base for your inner page. This will serve as the focal point of your layout. Arrange your photos, ensuring they complement each other in both size and placement. Don't forget to leave room for journalling, this is where you'll capture the story behind the pictures.


Add Embellishments and Journalling

Now comes the fun part – embellishing! Get creative with stickers, washi tape, die cuts, or any other decorative elements that resonate with your theme. Use journalling cards or handwritten notes to add personal anecdotes that bring your memories to life.


Assemble the Outer Page

Next, select a larger (12” square) background paper or cardstock to serve as the background canvas for your inner page. This will form the border around your smaller composition. Consider using contrasting colours or patterns to make the inner page pop.


Incorporate the Inner Page

Carefully adhere your completed inner page onto the centre of the outer page, ensuring it's positioned symmetrically or asymmetrically depending on your design preference.


Finishing Touches

To tie everything together, add additional embellishments or decorative elements to the outer page. This could include flourishes, ribbon, or even hand-drawn doodles. Don't be afraid to experiment, this is your chance to let your creativity shine!


Linda’s Tips

  • Experiment with different shapes and sizes for your inner page to create unique visual effects.
  • Incorporate mixed media techniques such as stamping, stencilling, or water colouring to add depth and texture to your layout.
  • Consider using thematic elements such as maps, tickets, or ephemera to enhance the storytelling aspect of your scrapbook page.
  • Don't overcrowd your layout – leave some breathing room to allow each element to shine.