Three painless ways to start organising your digtial photos

Posted by Linda Gransby on

Three painless ways to start organsing your digital photos

Digital photography is great right?  In this digital age, millions of new photos are taken every day.  We can snap as many pictures as we desire of an event or person, making sure we have the perfect shot or angle!

The likely outcome of this wonderful freedom is that you’ve probably got hundreds of photos on your phone that you’ll never look at again or use, clogging up the memory on your phone, tablet or computer.

Its important to keep on top of managing your photos before they slow your device to a crawl, and the task of deleting rejects becomes a herculean task.

Don’t tackle this job all in one go to start with, it can feel impossible to get up to date.  Any time you have a spare 5 or 10 minutes, standing in a queue, waiting at the doctors or for the bus is a good time to start sifting through….

Heres a list of photos that you can work on right now to get you started on the clear up…..



It seems easy to take 20 shots of your cat to get the purrfect shot when you have 256 gb of space, we all love to hit the burst button so we have plenty of choice for our post on Facebook….  How about 43 shots of your baby smiling?

In reality we only need the best of the best, so start by deleting the duplicates now, then try to keep up by checking every week and doing the same exercise.

Imperfect shots

Now have a look through, and ditch all the photos with weird angles, people blinking at the wrong moment, dark or blurry shots and ones that really are not longer relevant. 

Boring shots and mistakes

Sometimes taking a photo seems like a great idea, but the reality is less than inspiring…  or that time when the phone camera got activated in your bag, or your son got hold or your phone and took 67 selfies before giving the phone back.  Those can go, as can any that you can’t identify!

Once you get into the habit of tidying your devices, you’ll find it much easier, and the precious photos you want to keep won’t get lost in a sea of images.