Printed photos - First steps from chaos to control

Posted by Linda Gransby on

 Printed photos - First steps from chaos to control

Are your printed photos all over the place?  Drawers, boxes and suitcases or scattered around houses of family members?


Here’s are some must have steps for success in getting from chaos to control:

  1. Have a plan.

Do you want to organise chronologically, by theme, family member or event?

  1. Have a dedicated area.

Designate a table or desk to work on, you’ll need to spread out to get organised, having enough space will make things much easier.

  1. Make time.

This is not a 5 minute task!  Put aside regular time each week for your project

  1. Have the right tools to hand.
  • Index cards to document information
  • A soft pencil or archival photo pen
  • Envelopes or boxes to sort your photos
  • Possibly white cotton gloves for very old photos and negatives
  • Dental floss and a hair dryer
  1. Gather memories and information

Make notes about your photos as you sort them, and rope in family and friends to help you with names, dates and places

  1. Document and sort

Use index cards to write down information for each group of photos.  Don’t write on the photos unless you have archival pens or a soft pencil.

  1. Patience and some good music (or a quiet room!)

You’ll need plenty of patience, and split the task up into small, bite sized chunks